Tuesday, 2 January 2018


byron roberts, bal sagoth, caylen tor

DREAMS OF FIRE AND STEEL is a new sword and sorcery anthology published by Nocturnicorn Books.
Within this thrilling publication you'll find the following authors and stories:

Byron Roberts--"Caylen-Tor"
Teel James Glenn--"Cimmerian's Challenge," "Storm of Blood," "Ragnar's Curse"
Norbert Góra--"Winged Barbarians"
Travis TJ Gates--"At the Hearth of the Gilded Lamb," "The Witch Tree of Harper's Hollow"
Kevin Candela--"Kalyx and the Spirit Blades"
Frank Searight--"Plagues," "Bones" 
Kevin Henry--"In Oblivion, Met"
Joas Dale Miller--"Fire Dragon," "Ring of the Mist," "How Brond Defeated the Black Wind"
Frederick J. Mayer--"Genus Loci Venus (in Nigeria)"
Matthew Knight--"Servants of Destiny" 
Sarah Walker--"The New King" 
Rhys Hughes--"Bringing it Back" 
Alex S. Johnson--"Bane of the Black Wizard"
Artwork by Joas Dale Miller, Frederick Mayer, Samuel Santos and Jesus Rodriguez


  1. If I may ask, will we be able to purchase this book directly from you?

    I know Manilla Road are offering the "Swords of Steel" series for sale, so how come you don't offer them as well?
    (the postage costs from DMR Books to Greece are insane).

    Thank you!

    1. If a practical and cost effective method can be found for me to sell these books, then it's a possibility. However, it's unlikely, as both DMR and Nocturnicorn are USA based publishers, and it's apparently not easy to find a practical way of having their non US based authors carry the publications for sale when postage and customs fees are taken into account.