Wednesday, 23 October 2019

The Bal-Sagoth stories continue!

bal sagoth, byron roberts, caylen tor
The Saga Continues

Available now from DMR Books... two mighty tomes which feature the continuing saga of the legendary Bal-Sagoth lyrical canon by Byron A. Roberts!

The colossal SWORDS OF STEEL OMNIBUS edition includes three tales of the Elizabethan privateer Captain Caleb Blackthorne ("Into the Dawn of Storms", "A Voyage on Benighted Seas" and "The Scion at the Gate of Eternity"), presented in their thrilling entirety. This splendid 454 page volume additionally contains all the stories from the original three Swords of Steel paperbacks and is available from Amazon as a trade paperback and digital edition.

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THE CHRONICLES OF CAYLEN-TOR is a new novel-length epic featuring the fearsome Wolf of the North! Follow the adventures of Caylen-Tor in three novellas ("The Siege of Gul-Azlaan", "The Battle of Blackhelm Vale" and "The King Beneath the Mountain of Fire") as he reddens his steel in epic battle against an array of terrifying foes. Also featuring an extensive appendices section and interior illustrations. Available as a trade paperback, classic sized paperback and digital edition.

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caylen tor, bal sagoth
bal sagoth, caleb blackthorne

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

SWORDS OF STEEL... Omnibus Edition!

byron roberts, caleb blackthorne, bal sagoth

 The SWORDS OF STEEL OMNIBUS edition is available NOW! A mighty compendium featuring all of the stories from the renowned Swords of Steel trilogy! Available as a trade paperback and a digital edition, this spectacular volume is 454 pages long and includes all three of the Caleb Blackthorne stories by Byron Roberts. Cover artwork (depicting a scene from the first Caleb Blackthorne tale) by Martin Hanford.

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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Caylen-Tor miniatures from Barbaric Splendor!

Coming soon from the artisans at Barbaric Splendor... the first CAYLEN-TOR miniature!
Part of the epic "Chroniclers of Barbaric Splendor" campaign! Check out the Barbaric Splendor Facebook page and website for details!

Surging forth from the pages of the lyric booklet of  Bal-Sagoth's second album "Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule" and the epic sword & sorcery novel "The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor", the legendary barbarian king shall soon be immortalized as a collection of highly detailed miniatures! All hail the Wolf of the North! All hail Caylen-Tor! 

bal sagoth, caylen tor, byron roberts
Caylen-Tor Miniatures
caylen tor, bal sagoth
Caylen-Tor Miniatures from Barbaric Splendor
bal sagoth, caylen tor, byron roberts
Caylen-Tor Miniatures from Barbaric Splendor

Friday, 19 July 2019

New from DMR Books...

THE INFERNAL BARGAIN and Other Stories is a free sampler from DMR Books featuring a selection of fantastic sword & sorcery tales. It includes a slightly updated version of my story "Into the Dawn of Storms" which originally appeared in the first volume of the "Swords of Steel" trilogy.
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bal sagoth, caleb blackthorne, byron roberts

The saga of the Elizabethan privateer Captain Caleb Blackthorne spans all three volumes of the "SWORDS OF STEEL" anthology trilogy. And the three installments of Blackthorne's adventures will be collected into one volume in October 2019.

byron roberts, bal sagoth, caleb blackthorne, dmr books

And don't forget that the epic novel-length adventure "THE CHRONICLES OF CAYLEN-TOR" is available now from DMR Books and Amazon!

byron roberts, bal sagoth, caylen tor


DMR Books proudly presents this collection of fantasy adventure fiction by some of our finest authors. Some tales are from our previous releases, others are from upcoming books, and a few you won't find anywhere else. Stories included are:

* “The Infernal Bargain” by D.M. Ritzlin
* “Thannhausefeer’s Guest” by Howie K. Bentley
* “Into the Dawn of Storms” by Byron A. Roberts
* “Grumfobbler” by Gael DeRoane
* “The Mountains Have Eyes and the Woods Have Teeth” by Harry Piper
* “The Sapphire Goddess” by Nictzin Dyalhis
* “The Gift of the Ob-men” by Schuyler Hernstrom
* “The Thief of Forthe” by Clifford Ball
* “Black Genesis” by Mark Taverna 
* “Adventure in Lemuria” by Frederick Arnold Kummer, Jr.
* “The Heaviest Sword” by Geoff Blackwell

Tuesday, 21 May 2019


bal sagoth, caylen tor


 An ancient fortress besieged by a vast and unrelenting empire...A mighty legion intent upon the conquest of the antediluvian world...A tyrannical Serpent King ruling from his sinister Black Pyramid...These are The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor, the indomitable barbarian warrior whose cold steel carves a searing, bloody swath through the time-lost kingdoms of legend! A mercenary, a reaver, a king by his own hand… the saga of Caylen-Tor is one of pitiless carnage, dark sorcery and epic battle!


This new publication features three pulp sword & sorcery novellas starring the character who first appeared in the lyrics of the second Bal-Sagoth album back in 1996. The book includes the tales "The Siege of Gul-Azlaan", "The Battle of Blackhelm Vale" and "The King Beneath the Mountain of Fire", plus an extensive section of appendices by Byron A. Roberts. Illustrated by Martin Hanford and Samuel Santos. "The Chronicles of Caylen-Tor" is available now as a trade paperback, e-book and classic sized paperback from DMR Books.

caylen tor, bal sagoth

Order the limited edition classic sized paperback from DMR Books HERE.

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Trade Paperback US: Here.

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Thursday, 18 April 2019


In May, DMR Books will be publishing THE CHRONICLES OF CAYLEN-TOR, a novel featuring the barbarian hero who first appeared in the lyrics of the second Bal-Sagoth album back in 1996. The book will be available in three formats: trade paperback (6" x 9"), classic sized paperback (6.5" x 4.25") and digital. Consisting of three thrilling novellas chronicling the adventures of Caylen-Tor, and an extensive collection of appendices by Byron Roberts, this splendid volume of sword & sorcery also features cover artwork and interior illustrations by Martin Hanford and Samuel Santos.

More details can be found at the DMR Books website HERE.

caylen tor, bal sagoth, byron roberts

Friday, 11 January 2019


Two of the most requested Bal-Sagoth t-shirt designs are being reissued with new backprints.
The Chthonic Demon and Caylen-Tor shirts will be available via Plastic Head from March 25th 2019.
Click HERE for details! 

bal sagoth, shirts, chthonic, caylen-tor
Bal-Sagoth T-Shirts

And watch for the Chthonic Demon hood, also coming soon from Plastic Head.

bal sagoth, demon, chthonic, merchandise
Bal-Sagoth Pouch Hood

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

BAL-SAGOTH Woven Patch Available from Rotten Zombies Productions!

A new BAL-SAGOTH Woven Patch is available from Rotten Zombies Productions, featuring the fantastic Cthulhu artwork by Maggot Meister and measuring approximately 3.74" x 5.11" (9.5 cm x 13 cm). For ordering information, visit

Bal Sagoth Cthulhu
Bal-Sagoth Woven Patch