Wednesday 4 July 2012

By the power of Bal-Sagoth!

As this year is the 30th anniversary of Mattel's classic Masters of the Universe franchise, here are a couple of Bal-Sagoth/MOTU inspired images.

This is a cool Bal-Sagoth logo rendered in classic MOTU style by Bulletrider:

And here's a great illustration of Skeletor by Martin Hanford.
All hail the Lord of Snake Mountain!


  1. 30th anniversary? Wow! Nearly an eon ago...
    MotU was great and is a massive inspiration for me. Like Bal-Sagoth, too. Of course! Hail Bal-Sagoth! Hail Eternia! We have the power!

  2. Yes, Hail Eternia! And thanks for featuring my logo version :-D
    Btw - just yesterday I recieved the first issue of the new Motu comic line. Though the drawings are not totally my cup of tea, the story seems to take the right direction (NO Prince Adam!!!) and overall.. it's a new Motu comic. This alone is enough for being praised!