Tuesday 1 March 2016

SWORDS OF STEEL... The Saga Continues!

The mighty SWORDS OF STEEL fantasy anthology series returns with SWORDS OF STEEL II, featuring the second installment of my Caleb Blackthorne trilogy "A Voyage on Benighted Seas". And don't forget... the first volume featuring chapter one "Into the Dawn of Storms" is also still available. 
Seize these fantastic paperback tomes now from DMR Books!
Or purchase from Amazon: Swords of Steel   Swords of Steel II


  1. Amazing artworks! I need to read those books! Hail Bal sagoth!

  2. Really enjoyed the first installment in your story Byron, looking forward to this one. :)

  3. Ordering this! Looking forward to reading it.

  4. Both volumes of Swords of Steel are highly entertaining, but your stories stand out as the best, Byron. They're polished and dynamic, showcasing a confident powerful prose style with an impressive vocabulary which frankly outshines the other contributors. I love the almost cinematic presentation and structure of your work, and I'd love to see you write a novel some day.