Thursday 18 October 2012

The Lexicon: Character Illustrations

Here are several character illustrations from the forthcoming revised and expanded glossary, which is entitled "The Lexicon".
The artwork is by Martin Hanford, and these images will accompany the relevant character entries in the glossary.

First is Bright-Anya Ophidia, mistress of the Draconis Albionensis, commander of the Legio IX Draconis and the Britannic Spitfire Cavalry.
This illustration depicts her during her earlier years, just prior to the wars with the Serpent Kings.

Below is the dreaded Zul'tekh, one of the fearsome Guardians of the Astral Gate. This illustration shows him with the malefic and mysterious Black Pyramid.

Here is the Prime Voyager of the Kl'aa. He is shown on the moon's Mare Imbrium, with the lunar excavators which release both him and the Z'xulth hybrid fiend Zurra from their ancient slumber.

The Praesidium of Ys! Before the arch-fiend Zurra's fateful return to the ancient praesidium, the arcane sanctuary had seen a myriad visitors throughout the eons, all seeking the sorcerous lore contained within its shadowed vaults...


More previews of illustrations from The Lexicon soon!



  1. Amazing character artwork, loving Anya. Need that Lexicon NOW, Byron! ;)

  2. Brilliant characters, Byron. And Martin's artwork is phenomenal.