Friday 13 May 2016

LEMURIA and STARFIRE Reissues available now!

A BLACK MOON BROODS OVER LEMURIA and STARFIRE BURNING UPON THE ICE-VEILED THRONE OF ULTIMA THULE are now available from CACOPHONOUS as special edition CDs featuring remastered audio, expanded lyric booklets, new sleeve notes & annotations, and exclusive new artwork. BATTLE MAGIC coming soon. Vinyl editions will be released later this year!

Click HERE to purchase LEMURIA from Amazon.
Click HERE to purchase STARFIRE from Amazon.
Click HERE for Cacophonous store link.

                                                   BATTLE MAGIC COMING SOON!


  1. Buying these! New Lemuria artwork looks amazing, much better than original.
    Will Battle Magic have a new cover???????????

  2. Yes! Old material is the best! Hail Bal Sagoth!

  3. Oh wow, new Battle Magic cover looks awesome!