Friday 23 December 2016


"SWORDS OF STEEL" volumes I and II are still available from DMR Books. Volume III will be available early in 2017. These grand paperback publications feature my "CALEB BLACKTHORNE" novella, divided into three chapters, "Into the Dawn of Storms", "A Voyage on Benighted Seas" and "The Scion at the Gate of Eternity".
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And available now from CULT NEVER DIES is the new "SUBLIME MACROCOSMIC MALEVOLENCE" t-shirt/zip hood.
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Also available now from CACOPHONOUS... The epic First Trilogy of BAL-SAGOTH, remastered and featuring new artwork and expanded lyric booklets! All three albums are available now on CD, and "A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria" is also available as a limited edition double vinyl gatefold.
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