Friday 19 July 2019

New from DMR Books...

THE INFERNAL BARGAIN and Other Stories is a free sampler from DMR Books featuring a selection of fantastic sword & sorcery tales. It includes a slightly updated version of my story "Into the Dawn of Storms" which originally appeared in the first volume of the "Swords of Steel" trilogy.
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bal sagoth, caleb blackthorne, byron roberts

The saga of the Elizabethan privateer Captain Caleb Blackthorne spans all three volumes of the "SWORDS OF STEEL" anthology trilogy. And the three installments of Blackthorne's adventures will be collected into one volume in October 2019.

byron roberts, bal sagoth, caleb blackthorne, dmr books

And don't forget that the epic novel-length adventure "THE CHRONICLES OF CAYLEN-TOR" is available now from DMR Books and Amazon!

byron roberts, bal sagoth, caylen tor


DMR Books proudly presents this collection of fantasy adventure fiction by some of our finest authors. Some tales are from our previous releases, others are from upcoming books, and a few you won't find anywhere else. Stories included are:

* “The Infernal Bargain” by D.M. Ritzlin
* “Thannhausefeer’s Guest” by Howie K. Bentley
* “Into the Dawn of Storms” by Byron A. Roberts
* “Grumfobbler” by Gael DeRoane
* “The Mountains Have Eyes and the Woods Have Teeth” by Harry Piper
* “The Sapphire Goddess” by Nictzin Dyalhis
* “The Gift of the Ob-men” by Schuyler Hernstrom
* “The Thief of Forthe” by Clifford Ball
* “Black Genesis” by Mark Taverna 
* “Adventure in Lemuria” by Frederick Arnold Kummer, Jr.
* “The Heaviest Sword” by Geoff Blackwell

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