Wednesday 22 August 2012

More artefacts from the Vault...

Here’s the original rough sketch by Martin Hanford for the classic “The Crows Will Pick Your Bones Clean” warrior shirt and flag. This draft of the preliminary illustration does not feature the shield which appeared in the final version, because at this stage in the design’s evolution Martin was considering having a bird of prey, such as a hawk or a falcon, perched on the character’s hand. Ultimately, Martin and I decided to go with a shield. The final version of the artwork as it appeared on the textile poster flag is shown below the sketch.

Below is the rough illustration for the “Future Era Caylen-Tor” design by Martin Hanford, which appeared on the classic “Bow, Yield, Kneel” shirt and also in the digipak re-release of “The Power Cosmic”.  I asked Martin to add a helmet to the character, and he sent me illustrations of several brilliant helmet designs to choose from. The final lupine helmet design was chosen to reflect Caylen-Tor’s status as “The Wolf of the North”. The finished version of the artwork, painted on a watercolour board, appears below the preliminary sketch.

More artefacts from the Vault soon!



  1. That's great artwork!

  2. brilliant pieces there, martin Hanford is such a talented artist. I like the character of caylen Tor a lot, hes probably my favourite character which Byron created and I love to see the illustrations of him. :)