Wednesday 30 December 2009

Short Stories and the Lexicon

Bal-Sagoth the band is just one facet of the vast and far reaching world of these stories. The lyrics of the six albums are reflections of a much larger and more intricate body of work, and only a relatively small part of that has thus far been revealed in the lyric booklets. As I originally intended, the chronicles of this baroque fantasy world will ultimately encompass such things as prose short stories, graphic novels, illustrated books, and more. Additionally, the forthcoming revised and expanded edition of my Glossary (called “The Lexicon”) will provide readers with unprecedented information on all aspects of the lyrical mythos. The lyrics of the Bal-Sagoth hexalogy can be read at, and

This is the map detailing the world in which the antediluvian era stories take place.


Soon to be appearing in short stories is my character CAYLEN-TOR, who first appeared in the lyrics of the second BAL-SAGOTH album. This character has proven to be a fan favourite over the years, and his adventures are set to continue soon. Here is a selection of illustrations featuring Caylen-Tor, beginning with my original character sketch upon which all subsequent renditions were based.

caylen tor

And here is a larger picture of the awesome version by Samuel Santos (which is now available as a t-shirt.):

caylen tor

Here is a collection of illustrations featuring The King of Hyperborea. Included here are my two original character sketches, featuring the King both as an older, bearded warrior and also as a younger man, followed by a selection of great pieces by Martin Hanford, Simon Lee and Samuel Santos. "Ride them down!"

hyperborea bal sagoth byron

And here is a great sketch by Samuel Santos depicting my character Lord Angsaar, the Dark Liege of Chaos.

lord angsaar

And this is the original preliminary rough sketch of the Lord Angsaar painting which appears in the limited edition digipak release of "The Power Cosmic". Artwork by Martin Hanford:

lord angsaar

Here's a great illustration by Martin Hanford of my character Professor Caleb Blackthorne III:

caleb blackthorne byron roberts

This is a great illustration of one of the Guardian Spirits of Ur, the fearsome yet alluring entities which safeguard the sanctity of the city's hidden catacombs and the terrifying lore contained therein:

Blodu Ok Jarna!


  1. Amazing artwork and concepts. This is all great work!

  2. fantastic! why have I only just discovered this site? I love the stories of Bal sagoth! Hail Byron, thanks!