Wednesday 30 November 2011

Comic Updates

The comics are progressing well. Martin Hanford has sent me quite a few new character sketches and some pencilled pages.
So far, we're working on a strip featuring Zurra, Hound of the Z'xulth, a story featuring Bright-Anya Ophidia, commander of the Draconis Albionensis, and a tale involving the vampyre-hunting exploits of Joachim Blokk, to name but three.
The comics are being created in a variety of sizes and formats. Some are in a mini-strip format similar to the serialized comics you'd see in a newspaper, some are longer four or five page stories, and some are more akin to a standard comic book size.

Here are a few preview elements of the various stories.

The Key of Zultekh preview page
(a story involving the search for an occult artefact of great power which spans several millennia):

byron roberts bal sagoth comics

Circus Maximus preview page
(The tale of an Iceni warrior enslaved by the Roman Empire and forced to take part in chariot races and gladiatorial combat, all the while plotting his pitiless revenge against Rome):

byron roberts zurra angsaar caylen tor

Zurra Preview page
(The Hound of Z'xulth escapes from a maximum security penal asteroid with the assistance of another arch-fiend of Chaos):

Zurra Thumbnails: Pencils followed by inked pages with dialogue:

byron roberts zurra comic

byron bal sagoth zurra

Zurra Page 2:

byron roberts comics zurra

Zurra Logo (artwork by Martin Hanford):

byron bal sagoth zurra

Here are the pencils for one of the pages of the "Draconis Albionensis" comic. Artwork by Martin Hanford:

draconis albionensis bal sagoth

Higher resolution images will be uploaded soon, along with some previews of the other stories.



  1. damn, great stuff! Can't wait for more. Blodu ok Jarna,

  2. These are great pieces, really good concepts and art. Thoroughly looking forward to seeing more!