Monday 8 April 2013


The chaos fiend Zurra is the primary protagonist in the lyrics of the fourth Bal-Sagoth album "The Power Cosmic". A genetic experiment gone hideously awry, Zurra was created in the Mera spawning vats deep beneath the Pre-Cambrian sea. His bitter battles against the forces of Omniversal Order, as well as his ceaseless attempts to liberate his Z'xulth brethren from the confines of their infernal prison, have made him one of the most feared and dangerous arch-fiends in the galaxy. The cataclysmic destruction wrought by Zurra during the War of the Lexicon has become a grim and sinistrous legend throughout the universe.
And yet, the story of Zurra did not begin or end in the lyrics of "The Power Cosmic". Over the years I have written many stories chronicling the nefarious exploits of the Hound of the Z'xulth, and one of those tales has taken the form of a comic strip. Recounting the events surrounding Zurra's escape from a maximum security penitentiary asteroid, the comic will be uploaded in full soon, and will eventually be collected in a print edition once enough material has been completed.
Below is the Zurra logo and a thumbnail preview of four pages from the comic.


Below is a preliminary sketch of Zurra as he appeared on the cover of "The Power Cosmic". Artwork by Martin Hanford.

Finally, here's a great piece of fan art featuring Zurra, rendered by Overlord:

The villainy of Zurra will continue soon in the comics and also in a series of short stories I've written detailing the exploits of the Hound of the Z'xulth. Additionally, the revised and expanded lyrical glossary, which I've dubbed "The Lexicon", features a very extensive entry on this most malefic and fearsome character.

More soon!



  1. I love the lyrics to the Power cosmic, and the character of Zurra is cool, with the focus of the whole story being on the villian. And great artwork too.

  2. awesome! need this comics now, will be so cool! Hails from France!