Wednesday 12 June 2013

The Obsidian Crown Saga

The Obsidian Crown saga spans twelve epic chapters in total. From the fall of the Shadow-King, to the early years of the war between the Vyrgothian kingdoms and the Imperium, all the way to the siege of Gul-Kothoth and the ensuing War of the Crown. I've written many short stories covering those episodes, and a graphic novel is also in the works. Here are some character sketches depicting several of the saga's primary protagonists. Some preview excerpts from the short stories will be uploaded soon.

The illustration below depicts the Obsidian Crown saga's Trinity of Might; the sceptre, the sword and the ring. Artwork by Martin Hanford.

 Below is a great piece of fan art by iron monkey depicting the mighty fortress of Gul-Kothoth.

And here's some more great fan art by yamazaki42, depicting two of the saga's major characters.

More soon!


  1. Lord Ironheart of Greymoor12 June 2013 at 07:07

    Absolutely wonderful artwork, and that particular story is one of my all time favourite Bal Sagoth tales, Sir Byron. Glorious!

  2. Beautiful! :)

  3. fantastic, we need these short stories now! WE MARCH TO WAR!